When placing your products into industry magazine, impact is the eye catcher.

mining ontario

Mining Industrial Equipment Rentals should look at updating their images.

This scenario was SCREAMING “Impact!”

Something as simple as this can have that “Wow Factor”

Another Crappy Vs Snappy

What a difference a little lighting makes.

Refurbishing before/after images should be handled the same way. 

  • andres says:

    So its basically, bend for the picture being in a good angle, use a propper light forget about flash, and use HDR :)

  • Gonzalo says:

    I get the idea but the post processing is there too. Th professional not only made the picture only with the camera his friend PS was there too 

  • Esteban says:

    beenig a profesional photograper is not only about taking good pictures, thay is half the way, any one can take good pictures even without the DSLR, there is a lot more.

  • thebest part is same amount or maybe less downtown for the gear to get it done properly. If the client screws up and has to reshoot, well now you’ve doubled the downtime for a crappy image!

    Nice work, anyone armchair QB who chimes in with “I coulda lit it better” BS on this thread, has never tried being creative while all Safety-ied up with the eye, ear protection, steel toes etc all the while in possibly extreme hot or cold conditions.

  • Mario says:

    Incredible photos. Really comunicative! They are art, not only photos.

  • Incredible way to show to people how difficult is a photographer’s work. Lot of people think is very easy to take a picture. I receive a lot of requests for retouch personal works made by the customer directly, because not meet the requirements. I explain that is not easy to take a good photography. The preparation, camera position, lighting and experience is imperative. Thank you very much for explain it in this very clear and visual way!

  • Paola says:

    Bravo! I love the way you make pictures talk for yourself!

  • JoBeeOne says:

    What a fantastic showcase for getting a professional shot. In my industry I’m extremely lucky to work with some wonderful professional photogaphers and they make my life soooo much better. Glad your picures are worth a thousand words, something a lot of companies should see.

  • Rapaz says:

    Love all the pics, seems like black mesa research lab! 

  • yinan says:

    don’t use the flashlight

  • Ming says:

    I want to know how to take this photo?

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