Helvetica. It’s a font. It’s a movie. And now it’s a set of cards. Tennessee designer Ryan Myers has released Helveticards, a gorgeous set of playing cards with—you guessed it—Helvetica as both the type for the cards but also the  cards’ primary subject matter.

As Myers explains on his site, “I wanted to take a new approach on how the cards are used and bring them to a more usable and modern design.” Indeed, the cards themselves read more like a study in typography, with one big, gorgeous character as the centerpiece. The further utilize the font, Myers spells out each number (“Five of Hearts”, for instance) in black and white. And even the suits lack serifs: the clubs, for instance, are basically three circles collided together, with no stem.

Printed in high gloss, the cards are almost too nice to play with, more apropos of a gallery exhibition than a casino room. But at $10 for a deck, they’d make a fine addition to any designer’s studio—or poker table.