My freshman year, there was a kid we used to call “Subway” because he was always the first to pass out at a party, and then everyone would start drawing on him with Sharpies. Despite his hard partying he was a good student, and one thing I know he learned for sure is how to read curse words reflected by a mirror.

“Subway” probably would have been happier if he’d had the good fortune to pass out next to Chris Dunlop, a/k/a Pinstripe Chris. The Maryland-based artist does beautiful work with a Sharpie as his tool of choice—and cars, not freshmen who smell like Goldschlager, as the canvas.


It’s safe to say Dunlop, who was reportedly inspired by Brett David’s “Sharpie Lamborghini,”, is Sharpie-drawing-obsessed: Besides tons of cars he’s done laptops, skateboard decks, and even tagged up a Valentine’s Day date night.