RE-35 is an awesome product: It’s a film-roll-shaped cartridge that you insert into any film camera, instantly transforming it into a digital camera. A “Flexisensor” sheet extends from the cartridge once inside the camera, using the existing lens to capture high-res digital images.




Alas, as you might guess, the RE-35 website went live… on April 1st. Yet the credibility, interest and demand for the not-real product was so high that Rogge & Pott, the Hamburg-based design duo who conceived it, have had to stamp the following disclaimer on their site:

Re-35 does not really exist. We (the design company Rogge & Pott) created Re-35 as an exercise in identity-design. We invented the “product” because it was something, that we had wished for for a long time (as many others). We launched the website and sent out “press releases” on April first – thinking, that the date would make clear, that Re35 is just wishful thinking – a classic April Fools Prank!

…However: All this attention Re35 ist getting might actually be good for something. It proves, that there is a gigantic community of photographers with analog equipment out there that is desperately waiting for a product like this to come along- and we are looking into the possibilities.