In my recent trip to Spain, I came across this very interesting article about a solar house contest produced by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where the Fab Lab House received the audience award for the best of its kind. Because of its organic shape some referred to it as the peanut home, cinnamon submarine, forest Zeppelin or even whale belly. But whatever you might want to call this unique home, its contribution to green living is quite significant as it introduced the most efficient flexible solar panels in the world as of yet — a significant breakthrough in the architectural integration of solar systems.

“We wanted to overcome the idea that a solar home is a traditional house with solar panels on the roof and a lot of technology inside. Our project presents a complete solar house, of a new generation, that visitors have come to appreciate,” says Co-Director of the project Daniel Ibañez. 

So far the house has already attracted the interest of the public and the media. The value of the Fab Lab House starts at an estimated €45,000 (approximately $58,000) and there have been already several orders booked. There are several configurations and sizes of the house: Cabin, Shelter, Studio, House and Villa. It’s very exciting to see technology and great design coming together to create innovative and alternative ways of living. “We wanted to make a house to live and not serve as a technology showcase,” says Ibañez.