A line wire sculpture of a chair made with a single, continuous length of wire. Try to move the metal hoop around the chair without touching it. If you do touch the chair the speaker in the plinth will announce ‘Do not touch’.

Dominic Wilcox was invited to take part in the inaugural exhibition of London’s The Gopher Hole gallery entitled ‘About a Minute’. The premise of the exhibition was to ‘consider the fact that thanks to decades of exponential hyperactive consumption, the time that someone visiting our gallery will spend contemplating your piece is likely to be less than 59 seconds.’

“I wanted to create something that referenced the traditions of the gallery context by making a wire sculpture placed on a simple white plinth. However I also added a bonus element of ‘entertainment’ that some may need to maintain attention beyond the act of looking. The sound that plays when the wire is touched also references the stern warnings that are usually found in galleries of ‘Do not touch’ ” Dominic Wilcox